User manual

Command line options

LockHunter can be used from the command line using the following syntaxis:
LockHunter.exe [/unlock] [/delete [/delperm]] [/kill] [/silent] [/exit] [file_or_folder_path]
  1. In case of error (e.g. a file cannot be deleted) the program returns non-zero error code, otherwise it returns zero exit code. Find list of error codes here:
    0 - operation completed successfully, a file was deleted or unlocked
    1 - cannot delete or unlock a file
    2 - technical error occured while processing operation
  2. If the file_or_folder_path part of command line is not specified all other options will be ignored.
  3. There's no need to use /unlock and /delete commands at the same time since /delete does unlocking and deleting the specified file or folder path.
  4. /kill can be used with both /unlock and /delete commands in order to terminate processes launched from file_or_folder_path if any. Beware you may loose your data if a killed program contain unsaved information when use this option!

Portable version

The portable version is supplied in form of installer and it can be installed to an external drive (or even to a cloud drive) and then be used on any computer. What are the differences between portable and installable verions: Note! The portable version still requires administrative permissions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is "More details" checkbox for?

It is aimed to display more details about the process, such as "Process Id" and command line startup parameters. By default we do not display such information so that the program looks as much simple as possible.

LockHunter cannot unlock some file\folder, what to do next?

At the moment LockHunter can only unlock a file\folder if there's a process opened connection to this file or folder. However there are other reasons why you cannot delete your file: Perhaps in future LockHunter will also manage some of the mentioned causes of file blocking but it will never be a magic wand that can delete any file on your system. If some file cannot be deleted stop and think if you really need this file get deleted?